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we know your optometry hardware and software inside and out


If you've ever stopped an eye exam because your optometry equipment wasn't working, you know how frustrating and embarrassing that can be. And it's often made worse when your network admin and vendor point fingers, trying to figure out who or what went wrong.

​It doesn't have to be that way...


​Signalpoints has insider knowledge of all the processes, software and exam equipment you need to run your busy optometry clinic. We can fix problems quickly and communicate with vendors on your behalf so everything works together. 

We work with small and medium-sized optometry clinics that want enterprise-level technology scaled to fit their budgets and needs. Using our unique approach to evaluate your clinic, we’ll find the best IT solutions for your current needs and future growth. And we won’t waste time getting up to speed on the optometry hardware and software you rely on to run your practice.
Working with an IT company that knows your industry software and exam equipment inside and out frees up your time so you can do what you do best: provide quality patient care, grow your business and run a smooth, hassle-free operation.
As a busy primary healthcare practitioner, wouldn't you like to spend more time focusing on your patients and less time worrying about technology?
Why Us?



relax with an IT network that works with all of your medical testing equipment



protect your patient records with security-focused IT



remove the stresses of technology



gain a team of IT professionals who will go to bat for you as your vendor managers 


let qualified IT professionals communicate and problem solve on your behalf



enjoy a stable network with maximum uptime


Dr. Melina Chow,
Dr. Irene Mestito-Dao, Dr. Scott Mundle
Henderson Vision Centre

In our busy optometry clinic, we need reliable technology that runs smoothly with no downtime. With the system signalpoints has created for us, we don’t worry about IT, which means we can focus on growing our business and providing the very best service to our patients.

Val Weide,
Practice Manager
Village Optical

Village Optical has been in a working relationship with signalpoints for over 10 years. They have guided us through many equipment purchases, technology advances and changes and trouble shooting situations.

Signalpoints provides excellent service. Their response time to “help!” emails or calls is immediate! They are available 24/7! We feel very well taken care of with signalpoints.

Perry Shergold
Dakota Lenspro

Signalpoints has been providing technical support for our optical lab for many years. We have our own unique lab management software, which we use for our daily operations. Signalpoints has worked successfully with the Lab Management Software technical support team on numerous occasions.


The signalpoints team always responds in a timely fashion. Most importantly, Mikhail and his staff are very courteous and knowledgeable. They have always been thoroughly professional.



Don't waste time sorting out IT, optometry equipment and software issues. We have over twenty years of experience helping optometry clinics just like yours fix technology problems quickly.

Interested in seeing if we're a good fit?


Fill out the form below or call 204 992 7210 for a free consult.  

Thanks for reaching out!

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